Probate Real Estate – Where to Find the Notices to Administer the Estate

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Probate Real Estate – Where to Find the Notices to Administer the Estate


Probate Real Estate investing as either for your own profits or as a Probate Agent representing investor or end user clients all starts with the “Notice to Administer the Estate”. This is the first notice from the Estate Attorney or the Petitioner that someone has opened a probate case and is making notice. Visit online for more details ,This filing is done over 3 different days to give notice to the general public and must be in a newspaper of general circulation. You are going to have to know where these notices appear in your County in order for you to jump on the Probate Real Estate Band wagon and start earning some huge profits and or commissions.

The first thing to do (if you are not a student of mine) is to contact your local and or County newspaper and ask where the legal notices appear and in what papers (could be a supplement). The Notice to Administer the Estate will usually be in the same location you find the Notices of Default and Trustee Sales. Check out your paper and find them as this is a must. If you can’t find any in your main newspaper check out the local legal newspaper (Inner City Express in my County) as they are in there as well. Finally if all else fails contact your County Probate Court Clerks office as ask them where are the notices filed for the County. You must be able to locate these notices. This can all be done from the comfort of your home or office and most newspapers are online these days so no biggee!

One of the main reasons I love Probate Real Estate is the fact it isn’t easy to find the information we need to research and track probates in our County. This keeps the quick buck artists and those who only concern is money out of my way. Don’t get me wrong I love money but doing the right thing, helping others and making sure I have given more value then received ranks higher to me than the actual money. It has served me well over the years as for over 22+ years now that I have been a Probate Agent buying and selling probate homes never once have I had a complaint over a closed deal. I usually (90%) of the time receive letters of recommendation after I have closed either a wholesale purchase as an investor or represented the estate as their Probate Agent. This is what keeps me going and it has still been a Six Figure yearly income boost to my earnings. Awesome! Probate Real Estate Investing to me is by far the best of any real estae niche I have been invovled with over my 36 years in the business.

For those of you who want to become involved in this niche also contact your probate court clerk and ask if the files are online now. If so you can access your newspaper online for the Notices to Administer the Estate then go to the court house web site and pull the case numbers, do your research all from the comfort of your office. This has made this busy a little more easy and I really don’t prefer it this way but it’s called progress and we will go with it.

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