Place-Based Media is Changing All the Rules

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Place-Based Media is Changing All the Rules


Place-based media with its ability to arrest attention and get people involved where they commute, work, play and socialize is having significantly greater promotional impact than traditional marketing and advertising media.visit my online more deatile.

Place-based media (also known as out-of-home advertising (OOH) or interactive digital signage) has outpaced the growth of the Internet. This headway is driven by lower infrastructure costs and the ability to deliver, target and optimize rich interactive media. With resonant screens in a variety of formats, tagged by unique IP addresses and powered by built in computers, content can be tailored on the and delivered to respond to any person within its reach. Dynamic digital content can be shaped by audiences and events and be integrated in their daily routines more effectively than other media.

In addition to being seen as more interesting and entertaining than most media, digital signage advertising is effective as it can foster immediate action. Tactical place-based merchandising can drive consumer actions based on needs, interest and location. This explains why this new media is embraced by marketers looking to engage the consumer with a brand and direct response experience as opposed to simply broadcasting a message.

Beyond being seen as enhancing the consumer experience, place-base media is now touted as a central component of new retail designs. Cost, size and impact of digital platforms has ushered us in the era of “retailtainment” with the integration of plasmas and translucent walls and floors through which dynamic images are projected. Simply hanging a screen on an empty wall, from the ceiling or on a shelf will no longer do it.

Integrating interactive digital signage platforms into the framework of multi-channel and web-to-store strategies create the perfect conditions for the consumer to connect with brands and be ushered through the last leg of the buying process. Place-based media is now seen as one of the most effective strategies in the marketing mix because it keeps its eye on the consumer.

Deconstructing Place-Based Media

While digital signage may be impacting communication, it is certainly not for everyone. The best way to assess the potential value of place-based media strategy is to identify the major components and the rules we believe it must obey to be successful. Here is a checklist of essential considerations:

Delivering Value. Like all other marketing or communication initiative, the place-based media offering must be relevant to the consumer, the brand and the location. Finding that value will dictate all elements of strategy. The key is to keep your eye on the consumer and remain sensitive to exigencies brought about by the moment and the point of contact and the role this intervention should play in the buying cycle.

The unique characteristics of place-based media allows for the creation of media strategies that are pertinent to the time, place and audience you target. The place-based programs may serve the following functions:

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