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New York Piano Movers


You may want your piano moved either for a concert or because you are moving to a new residence. It is not prudent to entrust the job to an ordinary mover. Moving a piano is an expert operation. The supervisor and the workers attending to the task must have experience in similar assignments and a good understanding of pianos. You can easily locate such expert movers in New York who undertake nationwide transfers. They are on call always.Get more details about

Pianos differ in value, quality and age. Different methods may have to be used for each type. Proper packaging and fixing firmly in the transportation vehicle are of critical importance. They should be totally protected from shocks and jerks. For this, apart from air-ride suspension trucks, blanket wrapping and special boards are used. Some instruments have to be dismantled before packing and reassembled at destination. Expertise is essential for this procedure.

It would be wise to ask the mover for details of comparable jobs he has done in the past, and also for references. Insurance arrangements also should be ascertained. Various factors are considered while structuring the price. Distance involved is one. The type of piano is another. Even the number of steps and the kind of flooring may be considered.

On delivery at the new location, free tuning and minor repairs are carried out by most of the movers. Some would give advice on the placement of the instrument, from two different angles. One is to extend the life of the piano, like keeping it away from direct sunlight and outer walls that are not insulated. The other is to optimize the quality of the sound.

A genuine piano mover would be as much concerned about your piano’s safety as you are.

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