Characteristics of a Successful Wedding Photography Business

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Characteristics of a Successful Wedding Photography Business


Setting up a wedding photography business is a rewarding career choice. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and the wedding photography business is therefore more recession-proof than many other business right now. And the job satisfaction you get when you produce images and memories that will be treasured for a lifetime is second to none.

So what are the traits of a good wedding photographer? They are many and various but one main one is their attention to detail. That is a skill anyone looking to become a wedding photographer should develop. It could start by becoming aware of the people around you and how they are dressed. This skill can be honed by improving your organizing skills, since as a wedding photographer, the person will need to be very organized.

Another characteristic of a successful wedding photography business is to educate yourself about weddings! There are many details that go along with planning the perfect day for a bride and groom. The wedding photographer’s task is to understand the vision that the bride and groom have for their big day, and capture as many of the details as possible.

So, begin reading as many books as possible on photographing a wedding. Talk to brides who have hired photographers for previous weddings and ask what they found the most difficult dealing with the photographer. Based on their difficulties, think of solutions to these for when your business in wedding photography starts.

A portfolio will be necessary for you to become a wedding photographer. This is one way of proving to the bride and groom that you are able to properly photograph the wedding day for them. Even before the wedding photography business is officially started, spend time helping family and friends photograph a wedding.

Take pictures of areas of the wedding and these pictures can go into your portfolio. For example, helping a cousin choose a wedding dress can result in pictures of her wearing different wedding dresses. Simple activities such as this can create a great portfolio.

When looking to start a wedding photography business, it is a good idea to spend time working as a wedding photography intern. If the person does not have any friends who are wedding photographers, they can contact well-known wedding photographers in his or her area and ask if they would like an intern. Most likely they would say yes.

Working as an intern will give someone the “hands-on” experience of seeing what it is to run a business as a wedding photographer. This is also a great way to pick up on tips that the wedding photography books do not tell you.

It is also a good idea to develop packages based on what you can offer. For example, a simple package could just be of photos arranging the cake, decorations, and flowers, while a full package can be photos of most of the wedding guests, with the limousine, and at the reception. These itemized packages will help the bride and groom choose and see exactly what they can expect for the price they are paying.

Organisation, education and experience are the keys to a successful wedding photography business together with talent, of course.fotografiranje vjenčanja zagreb

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